Comparing the Windows Mobile and Android development platform

Comparing the Windows Mobile and Android development platform

In the year 2007, the manufacturers of tactile mobile devices began to include the electronic mail like the key application to turn, what until then was a tactile telephone, in what today we call Smartphones.

It is incredible to assimilate everything that has happened in these years, the technological evolution around smartphones in the time that two football worlds pass, perhaps we do not stop often to recognize the scientists, engineers, architects that are the protagonists of this evolution and all the members of the industry who with their hunger for business fight every day to win the approval of the users.

There are many comparisons and analyzes made every day of the advantages and differences between the first three Smartphones platforms in the market. Luckily I had the opportunity to use the three and without wanting to establish chair I will tell you my personal opinion.


Android seems to be the least attractive platform long. It is true that it has more Apps and a wide range of phones in all categories, brands, and prices. But I just do not like it, it offers a feeling of several interfaces designed by different engineers, it does not show a consistency of use. It reminds me a lot of the Linux window systems of the early years of the millennium, in which it seemed that a group of programmers had made different parts separately and then someone had put them together but had not spoken during the development process, which as a result a “blanket of scraps”, similar to what today seems to me Android. Needless to say, the extremely high version segmentation makes it a completely inadequate system in my opinion.

But those are not the main reasons why I doubt Android. There are three more powerful reasons yet, the first is the instability of the system itself, the second is the unacceptable lack of security, the system is the most attacked no longer on the planet but in the galaxy (allow me this hyperbole), and the third one is that I support the feeling of knowing that Google reads and stores everything I do on my mobile.

Windows Phone OS

Finally Windows Phone OS, which has cost him to reach the point of competition to fight in this tough battle of systems. Windows Phone I like the interface, I find it easy and comfortable. I also like the integration with Office, a tool that I use constantly in both the mobile and the PC. Personally, the lack of some Apps that has always been the most criticized, has not been a lot of problems, all the Apps that interest me are. With the unification of system that we will live with Windows Phone and Windows 10, the problem of missing some applications seems to become irrelevant, I do not think any software or services developer wants to be outside of Windows 10. Finally, I like Windows Phone because it is a very secure platform, and it is mounted on a range of products ranging from $ 79 to just over $ 500, with many configurations and open to all manufacturers wishing to bet on this system.

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