Google Android vs Apple iOS

Google Android vs Apple iOS

In the race of best mobile phones and smartphone devices operating systems, two deadly competitors are always in front of making their way out to become the best mobile or smartphone operating system. The Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are now the most common and widespread used mobile operating system. The Android is more popular than iOS and handsets users of Android are also more than Apple iOS.

History of Android and iOS

Google launched its Linux based open source operating system on September 23, 2008. That time HTC Dream (also known as the T-Mobile G1) was the first mobile that featured Android Operating System.

Apple launched iOS (iPhone Operating System) on July 29, 2007. It was built on the concept of UNIX and OS X. The first version of iOS was iOS 1.0 and it powered many Apple devices like iPhone, iPod etc.

Comparison between Android and iOS

Android is more customizable than Apple iOS. In iOS, you have very limited access to customize your UI but Android provides you almost everything to be easily customized.

The OS Family of Android is Linux whereas OS Family of iOS is UNIX and OS X. Android is an open source model and iOS is basically a closed with some components open.

For downloading applications, Android features a Google Play store which has more than 1,000,000 apps and games. You can use more websites like Uptodown, 9apps, Amazon etc to get Android apps. The iOS apps can be downloaded only from Apple app store.

Talking about the security Apple iOS is ahead in terms of it. There are very fewer chances that an iPhone would be infected with virus or malware because all the content in the phone comes from one and only trusted platform that is Apple Appstore. Android users can download and run apps on their trusted platforms and hence chances of getting infected increases. But Google is always working to release security patches for keeping their devices immune.

Both operating systems use a special type of service which runs the mobile on voice commands. Android uses Google Assistant and Google Now for taking and processing voice commands whereas Apple iOS has Siri. Both work on the same principle of TTS (Text to Speech) and both works awesome.

There are some apps that come already with the phones or are default apps for doing some specific jobs. For Internet Browsing, Apple uses Mobile Safari app and Android has Google Chrome or the default Android Browser. For file transfer and sharing Apple iOS uses iTunes desktop app and on the other hand, Android doesn’t need anything like this it just needs a USB port and any File transfer desktop application.


It is told that Apple iOS is more user-friendly than Android. But I am always on the side of Android because it has many more features than iOS. While using iOS you will only have limited range of customizability and iOS doesn’t have any widget feature in its operating system. There are lots of more criteria in which Android stands up in comparison to Apple iOS.

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