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What You Need to Know about CBD for Runners

One of the chemical compounds in cannabis plants is the CBD. CBD occurs naturally and is associated with many health benefits. To extract CBD from cannabis plants, it is obtained the way people extract essential oils from plants. Both hemp and marijuana contain CBD and THC. However, THC occurs in larger percentage in marijuana while it is minimal in hemp. THC is, however, known to cause a high.

CBD popularity has been boosted by legislation that legalize marijuana for recreational and medical use. This has led to increased demand for CBD and CBD products. Todays, CBD has found many uses including being used as an ingredient for health supplements, as well as beauty products. Before using CBD, however, ensure you perform due diligence. You should make sure the source of your CBD is a reliable one.

Nowadays, CBD is being used in the treatment of a variety of health condition. However, studies have also shown that CBD is also great for runners and athletes. They are using CBD to assist them during workouts and to stay active. CBD for runners is usually great since it offers a wide range of benefits to runners.

The benefits of CBD effects on runners include addressing pain and inflammation among others. Other benefits of CBD for athletes and runners are as follows.

1. Minimal stress and anxiety.

It doesn’t matter whether it is small or big race but running may turn to be stressful. There are other stresses associated with big and small races. One kind of stress runners experience in routine workouts to perfect their form. An athlete might also get worried about finding the right gear and how to address the situation when the gear doesn’t work. An athlete will also be stressed by injuries or complications.

Going to a big race, the athlete can become worried and anxiety can rise as the date get close. There is also stress on the big day and before the races begin. Stress and anxiety can, however, be detrimental to the performance and can distract an athlete from giving their best.

However, CBD helps an athlete address both big and small stresses while combating severe anxiety. Since CBD has been found to lower anxiety, it is also applicable in reducing nerves and worries with running.

2. Enhancing moods.

Studies have shown that CBD helps in boosting the moods. This is because the brain has endocannabinoids and receptors. When an athlete feels good emotionally, there are better chances of improved performance. Due to the enhance mood by CBD, it boosts the performance of the athlete.
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